There is no future for the automotive industry without the promotion of environmental technology. Listening to customers, Toyota understands that only companies that succeed in this area will be acceptable to society. Toyota’s goal is to develop, produce and market environmental technologies that will have mass-market appeal. There will be no “silver bullet” solution – the key is to offer the right vehicle, at the right price, at the right time.

Toyota has been delivering quality, efficient vehicles for decades – including the world's best selection of fuel-friendly, lower emissions hybrids. Only Toyota and Lexus hybrid systems offer a solution that can simultaneously achieve cleaner emissions, provide greater efficiency and deliver more power than a conventional vehicle. And, since Toyota and Lexus hybrids are full hybrids, they can start up and run in electric mode alone. But there's so much more to the story. From design, manufacturing and distribution... to sales, service and end of life disposal... Toyota is setting the industry standard for sustainable transportation and business operations. Here you'll find information, images and other resources that will help explain Toyota Canada’s commitment to green.

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