Earth Day®, Every Day: Enjoying a Greener Lifestyle with the Toyota Prius hybrid

Earth Day Every Day with the Toyota Prius

Imagine our cities, our air, our planet if every car on the road today was a Prius hybrid

(Toronto, ON) – Prius owners make things better for the environment across Canada, every day. Think about it: The Prius is the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the road today, even as it delivers power, comfort, safety and versatility to more than one million owners worldwide. Now, imagine if every car on the road today was a Prius:

  • Across Canada, over 10 million Canadians commute to work using their personal vehicle. If each of those Canadians drives an average midsize vehicle powered by a gasoline engine, then together their commutes consume over 16 million litres of fuel per day, and produce 18 tonnes of smog-forming emissions.
  • Current generation Toyota Prius hybrid drivers consume just 4.1L/100km of gasoline in combined city/highway driving, making it the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the road in Canada. Prius drivers also generate just one-third of the smog-forming emissions of those from a midsize passenger car.
  • If each Canadian commuter drove a current generation 2009 Prius hybrid, fuel consumption would be reduced by almost 60% and emissions by almost 70% - every Canadian would save almost 1 litre of fuel a day or about 220 litres a year. Across Canada, that would account for a total savings of more than 9.3 million litres worth of fuel and 12 tonnes of emissions every day.
  • With the new 2010 Prius hybrid on the way to dealership this June, imagine if all Canadian commuters drove this model – up to 9.8 million litres of fuel per day would be saved.
  • If every Canadian commuter used a 2010 Prius hybrid almost 2.5 billion litres of fuel and over 3,025 tonnes of smog-forming emissions would be saved every year.

“Toyota Canada would like to thank the more than 14,000 Prius owners across Canada who have decided that every day can be Earth Day,” said Sandy Di Felice, Director at Toyota Canada Inc. “While choosing to drive the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the road today, the Toyota Prius, is an important long-term decision commuters can make, in the meantime, Canadian drivers can drive like a hybrid – adopting fuel-efficient driving habits.”

Demonstrating that every day is Earth Day®, Toyota Prius owners are lending a hand to make things better. Showing their enthusiasm for green choices, current Prius owners joined forces with Toyota Canada to support a Friends of the Rouge Watershed planting event on Earth Day® at Bob Hunter Park.

Toyota also offers Canadians a line up of fuel-efficient vehicles that offer more power using less fuel – and with no compromise to amenities. Models like the 4-cylinder Toyota Yaris, Corolla, Matrix, Camry, RAV4, Highlander and Tacoma give Canadian drivers a fuel-efficient option no matter what their needs and lifestyles demand.

Canadians can also choose to drive any vehicle more efficiently. By learning to drive like a hybrid, we can all do our part to make things better. Applying the following simple driving techniques can help improve the efficiency of any vehicle.

  • Avoid quick accelerations– the faster you accelerate, the more fuel your vehicle uses. In a hybrid like the Toyota Prius, moderate acceleration allows you to take full advantage of the electric motors, saving you fuel and money.
  • Avoid unnecessary braking – releasing the gas pedal and coasting when possible, rather than braking suddenly, means you’ll be squeezing every kilometre out of your fuel.
  • Stay within the speed limits and drive at a steady pace – fuel consumption increases dramatically at speeds greater than about 100 km/h.
  • Maintain your vehicle and regularly check your tire pressure – your vehicle can’t perform at its maximum efficiency unless it is kept in good working condition.
  • Don’t haul more than you need – Less junk to carry means less fuel needed to move the vehicle.
  • Plan your route – whenever possible, combining several short trips into one can help reduce your total distance travelled and fuel consumed.

On its way to Toyota Dealers soon, the 2010 Toyota Prius delivers more of what Canadians are looking for… and less of what they’re not:

  • More performance, thanks to a Hybrid Synergy Drive that is 90 per cent newly-developed, the 2010 Prius improves power by 22% while simultaneously improving fuel consumption by 7% compared to the current generation.
  • Less footprint, thanks to the new Prius’ electric-only mode, improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and environmentally-responsible manufacturing methods and materials, such as LED headlights and plant-derived, carbon neutral plastics.
  • More innovation, in the form of more than 1,000 patents covering everything from essential performance to safety systems.
  • Less worry, from a decade’s building and maintaining top-quality hybrid vehicles.
  • More comfort, from additional rear-seat legroom to Toyota’s first solar-powered ventilation system that pre-cools the Prius cabin in summer.

*Information based on Statistics Canada 2006 Census data, Natural Resources Canada’s Energuide Fuel Consumption ratings and Tier 2 Federal Emissions standards. Actual results may vary.


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