Did you know that three 2011 Toyota vehicles were top-rated for fuel efficiency in this year’secoENERGY for Vehicles Awards?
Highlights from the ecoENERGY for Vehicle Awards include:
  • Most fuel-efficient midsize: 2011 Toyota Prius (11th year in a row)
  • Most fuel-efficient minivan: 2011 4-cylinder Toyota Sienna
  • Most fuel-efficient pick-up: 2011 4-cylinder Toyota Tacoma
  • Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy efficiency identifies the winning vehicles by testing that simulates 20 000 kilometres driven annually (55 % city, 45 % highway).
  • The Toyota Prius has won the ecoENERGY award each year since the model was introduced in the 2001 model year.
  • Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive is the most proven gasoline-electric hybrid advanced powertrain system.
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