Vehicle safety is a commitment Toyota and Lexus make to every vehicle, and it’s why more than 24% of Toyota and Lexus vehicles are named as 2009 Top Safety Picks by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). To achieve leadership in safety, Toyota and Lexus focus on three priority areas. First, safety targets are voluntarily set to exceed regulatory requirements so that our vehicles are equipped with the latest available safety technology.

Second, Toyota invests heavily in R&D efforts to maximize vehicle safety for all occupants and to continue to create leading safety technology, including recently announced world’s first rear curtain shield airbag.

Finally, Toyota and Lexus understand that safety goes beyond just vehicle manufacturing – it also must take into account the way vehicles, people and the environment interact. At Toyota, the advancement of these Intelligent Transportation Systems, wherein vehicles can communicate with one another and with the traffic environment to ease congestion and reduce traffic accidents, is a future vision of safe roadways and a key focus of our research efforts.

All these current active and passive safety features and future transportation system developments make Toyota and Lexus vehicles even safer. For more information on Toyota's safety initiatives, please visit

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