The 11th Generation, 2014 Corolla includes dramatically amplified elements of style, design, quality and craftsmanship while building a upon the stellar Corolla reputation for reliability, efficiency and function, making Toyota’s newest compact the most surprising and capable Corolla yet.
New details and standard equipment define the new Corolla, with features such as new engine and power train technologies that improve performance and make Corolla even more fun to drive. Other upgrades include LED headlamps as standard, a new audio system with steering wheel audio controls and Bluetooth® capability and additional airbags for even better safety.
The all-new Corolla makes an immediate visual impact with a more expressive, chiseled exterior sheet metal design. The new Corolla is distinguished by its tauter, more athletic proportions that ride on a longer wheelbase. The front end design of the new Corolla features an expressive fascia with sharper, more pronounced details above a large trapezoidal grill that rests beneath a thin intake inlet below the hood.
As a result of the increased wheelbase, the new Corolla’s interior package has been dramatically improved in terms of passenger comfort gaining spaciousness for the rear seat occupants. Additional leg room was gained by reducing the thickness of the front seat back. The rear floor was also designed to be flatter by re-routing exhaust and other underbody assemblies. The new Corolla’s interior continues the “Iconic Dynamism” theme to create a stylish, highly functional interior space that communicates a greater sense of craftsmanship in its design, use of materials, and attention to detail.
The 2014 Corolla prioritizes an enjoyable driving experience and superior fuel economy for its customers.  Careful attention has been taken to refine airflow and reduce turbulence over the front and rear edges of the car. The 2014 Corolla is available with two efficient 1.8-liter four-cylinder engines. The base 1.8-liter with VVT-i engine is available on the CE, LE, and S trim. The Corolla’s new ECO trim level is equipped with a 1.8-liter engine with VALVEMATIC , a valve train technology which appears for the first time in North America with Corolla. The 2014 Corolla also offers improved fuel economy thanks to its advanced Continuously Variable Transmission. This CVTi-S, which will be available on the LE, S and ECO Corolla models, mimics the familiar characteristics of hydraulic automatics with a mild shift-shock by adapting7 stepped “gears” or shift points into the acceleration.
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