Toyota Canada Inc. achieves 8th consecutive record sales month

Fuel efficient models across the Toyota/Lexus lineup prove timely with Canadians 

(TORONTO) – Canadian drivers demonstrate that quality-built, safe, versatile, and fuel-efficient Toyota and Lexus vehicles continue to be important choices for them. Toyota Canada Inc. sold 23,204 Toyota and Lexus cars and trucks this August, up 29.3 per cent from the same month last year to set new sales records for both brands. Despite one less selling day than in August 2007, new August records were also achieved for the following models:

  • Toyota Yaris Sedan and Yaris Hatch, with combined sales of 4,797 up 64.6%
  • Sales of the Canadian-built Toyota Corolla jumped 70.7% to 6,770
  • Toyota Tacoma 4x4 pick-ups edged up 5.8% to 750
  • Toyota Tundra 4x4 pick-ups rose 12.6% to 930
  • Toyota RAV4 compact SUV sales of 1,844 grew 34.1%
  • Lexus ES350 sales rose 9.6% to 321
  • Canadian-built Lexus RX350 sales jumped 59.1% to 482

In addition to these fuel efficient choices, customers acquired 930 Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles this August to set a new record for the month. The following hybrids set new August sales records:

  • Toyota Prius sales jumped 141.1% to 270
  • Toyota Highlander Hybrid sales were up at 100
  • Lexus RX400h sales jumped 125% to 108

"oyota recognizes that high gas prices continue to pinch family budgets but people’s transportation needs haven’t changed, and this month’s sales results indicate that we’re able to provide Canadians with some much-sought-after relief,” said Warren Orton, Director at TCI. “With additional fuel efficient models on the way, which offer more powerful, efficient and well-equipped four-cylinder engine options, such as the newly-introduced 2009 RAV4, we’ll continue to focus on offering Canadian drivers the right vehicle at the right time.” 

"Lexus has always set a higher standard as a luxury automaker by putting the needs of the customer first, and Canadians seeking a balanced approach to luxury and environmental responsibility have turned to Lexus yet again in August to help them achieve that," said Tony Wearing, Managing Director, Lexus in Canada. "Whether it’s the world’s only collection of luxury hybrids, the Canadian-built RX350 or any other model in our showroom, Canadians know they can count on Lexus for fuel efficiency and excellent emissions performance without sacrificing performance, quality or luxury.”


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