“Money Well Spent”: Toyota’s 2009 Red Tag Days campaign supports Canadian production and adds never seen before offers to stimulate auto sales by offering Canadians peace of mind

(Toronto, ON) – Today’s Canadian drivers are more determined than ever to make smart choices when shopping for a new vehicle – and Toyota is helping them do just that with a new marketing campaign for the Canadian automaker’s annual Red Tag Days event. The campaign tells Canadian drivers that Toyota offers the peace of mind of fuel efficiency, quality, value and Canadian-built vehicles.

That peace of mind stems from Toyota’s priority of listening to customers. In challenging times, Toyota’s promise is a focus on affordable products for Canadian families. So, during this year’s Red Tag event, Toyota is offering 0%1 financing on select vehicles on a 36-month term from March 3, 2009 to March 31, 2009. Additionally, Toyota is providing a new Job Loss Protection Program2 to Canadians at no added cost between March 3 and June 1, 2009. Both offers are available through Toyota Financial Services and apply to the fuel-efficient Yaris and three built-in-Canada vehicles (Corolla, Matrix and RAV4) to support wise choices and help stimulate the production of Canadian-made products. Toyota also continues to offer great lease and finance options through Toyota Financial Services on a wide variety of quality Toyota vehicles.

“Now more than ever Canadians are looking for a dependable vehicle that’s well-built and represents tremendous value; and in challenging times, Canadians want added assurance that their dollars are wisely spent,” said Warren Orton, Director at Toyota Canada Inc. “With the Red Tag Event, Toyota is listening to Canadians during challenging times by offering 0% financing and the peace of mind of Job Loss Protection on three fuel-efficient Canadian-made vehicles in addition to great lease and finance options from Toyota Financial Services on a wide variety of models. When Canadians are thinking of whether or not to buy a car today they will know that Toyota’s priority remains clearly focused on them.”

Similarly, under the theme of “Money Well Spent”, the Red Tag Days Event is employing a new marketing and advertising campaign that will feature 30-second and 60-second spots airing during prominent TV shows and on specialty channels, supported by a direct mail initiative. Each TV spot features a Toyota spokesperson who speaks to viewer’s desire for quality, fuel-efficient and made-in-Canada products that Toyota offers. And, in the true spirit of “Money Well Spent”, Toyota will use DRTV (Direct Response TV) which maximizes the power and breadth of media coverage to reach potential customers. DRTV is a call-to-action format, whereby viewers can immediately reach out to the company via a website or toll-free number, i.e. www.toyota.ca/redtagdays.

The campaign went live on March 3 and runs until June 1, 2009 - three months that represent the most important car-buying season in Canada. For over 15 years Toyota’s Red Tag Days event has been one of Canada’s best-branded and much-anticipated retail events.

1 Details available at www.toyota.ca/redtagdays

2 See attached backgrounder for details on Job Loss Protection Program

2Job Loss Protection Program

Complimentary Job Loss Credit Protection is offered by Toyota Credit Canada Inc. (“Toyota Financial Services ” or “TFS”) and available to eligible retail customers who purchase or lease one of the following vehicles through TFS between March 3 and June 1, 2009: new and demonstrator Corolla, Yaris Hatchback, Yaris Sedan, Matrix and RAV4 models. The program provides up to $10,000 in credit protection to consumers who suffer an unexpected job loss during the term of their lease or financing contract, provide proof that they are collecting unemployment benefits and return their vehicle to their Toyota dealer. Excludes charges for excess wear and tear, excess kilometres, unrepaired damages and similar charges. Program only applies to natural persons, over the age of 18, who suffer Involuntary Unemployment (as defined in the contract) and who meet the other eligibility criteria. Program does not apply to corporations, companies, associations, self-employed people, seasonal employees, employees of TFS or employees under a fixed term contract. Eligible consumers will be required to make regular monthly payments while their claim is evaluated. Further conditions and limitations apply. For complete details, ask your Toyota dealer.

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