Toyota North America Environment Report

At Toyota, a long-standing committment to the environment and strong leadership in sustainable mobility are the pillars of our organization.

As automakers, we are aware that environmental sustainability is a concern, and a set of challenges, that won’t go away simply because the current economic situation is demanding everyone’s attention. Almost all of the industry’s long-term issues require addressing environmental considerations. These include:

• The ongoing need for innovative vehicle designs to meet market demands

• Fuel efficiency and emissions performance

• The impact of manufacturing processes

• The disposal of vehicles when it is time to retire them

• Society’s evolving ideas about where and how we live and work, both as we deal with the current economic climate and after we come through it

These issues raise many questions. In our own pursuit of answers to these questions, Toyota has always maintained that it’s important to transparently share our progress and our goals with all stakeholders. Across North America, environmental sustainability is at the heart of our operations. In that spirit, here is the eighth annual Toyota North America Environment Report. As you will discover in this report, we remain committed to investing in research and development, new manufacturing processes, and other initiatives to ensure that Toyota maintains its global environmental leadership, and continues to deliver new ways to make things better where we live, work and play.


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