Transport Canada applauds Toyota's action to protect consumers

**November 26, 2009 -
Press release issued by Transport Canada**
OTTAWA — Transport Canada today announced that Toyota Canada has identified a set of corrective measures to assist its Canadian customers who are affected by a safety issue involving the accelerator pedal on certain Toyota and Lexus models.
Transport Canada has worked with Toyota Canada on this issue to ensure corrective actions were taken and that the safety of consumers is protected. Canadian owners of affected Toyota and Lexus vehicle models will be notified directly by Toyota about these measures. Transport Canada will require Toyota Canada to report back to the department on its progress, as per the terms of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.
Toyota Canada announced today that there is no risk of accelerator pedal entrapment when compatible Toyota and Lexus Canadian-designed all-weather floor mats are properly used in the affected models, as they are different in design and material composition than the Toyota-supplied mats in the United States.
Toyota Canada also said that properly installed and secured compatible carpet floor mats do not give rise to pedal entrapment. Today's notice follows an advisory in late September that driver's side floor mats be removed from certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles.
Transport Canada is pleased that Toyota Canada is undertaking a safety improvement campaign for Canadian customers to provide information about:
  1. reconfiguration of the accelerator pedal for the seven affected models;
  2. reconfiguration of the shape of the floor surface to increase the space between the accelerator pedal and the floor for the Lexus ES350, Camry and Avalon models; and
  3. installation of a brake override system for the Camry, Avalon and Lexus ES350, IS350 and IS250 models.
A safety campaign will also be initiated for Toyota Venza vehicles equipped with a genuine Toyota Canada driver's side all-weather floor mat. Until owners of Venza vehicles receive their notice of the campaign, Toyota recommends that they remove any genuine Toyota driver's side all-weather floor mat from their vehicle. Toyota has determined that the genuine Toyota carpeted floor mat is compatible with the vehicle and recommends at this time that only the original equipment carpet floor mat be installed, using the retaining clips provided. Customers should also ensure it is properly installed and secured, that it is not flipped over with the bottom-side up and that one floor mat is not stacked over another. If a customer does not know or is not sure whether the driver's side mat in the vehicle is correct for or compatible with his or her vehicle, Transport Canada advises the customer to remove it. For additional information about floor mats, customers can visit their Toyota dealership, or the Transport Canada website at
Toyota Canada will be providing an educational advisory to other Toyota and Lexus customers with information on proper mat installation procedures. Toyota Canada reminds all its customers to register any address or ownership changes to allow for prompt notification.
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