Communication Regarding LaHood Statement

Earlier today it was reported that US Secretary of Transport LaHood made a comment suggesting that Toyota owner should stop driving their vehicles and return them to their dealerships.
Although this is a US situation and we generally do not respond to US issues, in light of the severity of his comments and the fact that some Canadian media have reported it, we believe it important to provide you with an update.
Please note:  Secretary LaHood has withdrawn his statement. Attached below is the statement from Toyota Motor Sales USA.
We appreciate Secretary LaHood’s clarification of his remarks today about Toyota’s recall for sticking accelerator pedals. We want to make sure our customers understand that this situation is rare and generally does not occur suddenly. In the rare instances where it does occur, the vehicle can be controlled with firm and steady application of the brakes.
Our message to Toyota owners is this – if you experience any issues with your accelerator pedal, please contact your dealer without delay. If you are not experiencing any issues with your pedal, we are confident that your vehicle is safe to drive.
Nothing is more important to Toyota than the safety and reliability of the vehicles our customers drive. Our entire organization of 172,000 North American employees and dealership personnel is working around the clock to fix the accelerator pedals for our customers.


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