TMC to Participate in 'Smart Mobility City 2011' Exhibit at Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota City, Japan, November 15, 2011—Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will participate in the "Smart Mobility City 2011" exhibit organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. for the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 30 through December 11*1.
Image of Toyota booth
Toyota Smart Mobility Park
TMC's booth, with the overall theme of "A not-too-distant future where society and transportation are linked", will showcase state-of-the-art technologies in three themed zones:
  1) Mobility diversification and next-generation charging
2) Vehicle-home energy management
3) Next-generation ITS (vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems, safety equipment, and automated driving)
1) Mobility Diversification and Next-generation Charging
  Toyota Smart Mobility Park
The Toyota Smart Mobility Park, a next-generation charging station based on a vision for a near-future society, is equipped with chargers and batteries fueled by solar and wind power for use in various ways of charging next-generation environment-friendly vehicles, such as plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) and electric vehicles (EVs), as well as other electric-powered means of mobility.  Through collaboration with the Toyota Smart Center energy management system, Toyota Smart Mobility Park addresses the needs brought on by mobility diversification and will function as a hub that manages energy used for transportation and supports future car-sharing systems. 

Communications-linked Scooters and Cycles
Also on display will be communications-linked concept electric scooters and electric-assisted bicycles created through collaboration with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.  These next-generation scooters and cycles will use wireless communications such as smartphones and Wi-Fi to link with the Toyota Smart Center to exchange information such as charging-stand information (location, availability and charging status), sharing-service information and status-information uploaded from the scooters or cycles.
2) Vehicle-Home Energy Management (PHV/EV Home Energy Management)
  H2V Manager
The H2V ("home to vehicle") Manager is a tool for effective and economic control of household power supplies to charge PHVs and EVs.  Users can connect to the H2V Manager (wired or wireless) from a home PC, television or smartphone to set or adjust their PHV or EV charging start time, as well as check the total amount of household electric power consumption.  The system can also halt charging to prevent circuit breakers from activating during increased electrical usage when multiple home appliances are being used simultaneously, and also resume charging during periods of excess power supply.  Sales are scheduled to begin in January 2012 through Toyota Housing Corporation.
3) Next-Generation ITS (Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperative Systems, Safety Equipment and Automated Driving)
  TMC will present information concerning its initiatives in the field of Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperative Systems that support safe and environment-friendly driving by linking vehicles on the road with each other and with the traffic infrastructure itself.  TMC will also present advanced safety features such as the Pre-collision Safety System. 

Automated driving will be demonstrated by TMC with rear-seat test rides*2 of the Toyota A.V.O.S.*3, a self-driving version of the Prius.  The vehicle can drive to the owner when summoned, can avoid obstacles and can park.
Also on display will be samples of green walls and green parking areas developed by TMC to reduce CO2 levels and temperatures in urban areas and help in the creation of low-carbon societies. 

Furthermore, an area equipped with Microsoft Kinect*4 units, which are motion-sensing game controllers, will enable visitors to experience TMC's vision of a near-future society through a game-like interface.

*1Press days: November 30 and December 1; special guest day: December 2; public days: December 3-11
*2To be conducted at the outdoor exhibition area on the 4th floor of the West Exhibition Hall.  A reservation will be required.
*3Automatic Vehicle Operation System
*4A game console controller from Microsoft Corporation that employs full-body motion control


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