2012 CIAS Larry Hutchinson Speaking Remarks

Larry Hutchinson:
Thank you very much…
As Seiji said, Toyota’s outstanding product cadence is stronger than ever.
Scion is a big part of that.
In Canada for just over a year now, we have seen consistent sales increases, and we’ve just wrapped up our best-ever January.
Scion does a lot for Toyota in terms of attracting new, younger buyers, but what I like best is that it is all about having fun.
The model I’m about to introduce you to, comes straight from the heart of Toyota.
It is the commitment of Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda.
He promised customers around the world more fun-to-drive cars -- cars born out of passion and a pure, back-to-basics driving approach.
Akio speaks to Waku Doki – heart pumping, adrenaline racing...
....and the little beauty I’m about to show you is an excellent example of just that.
In fact, Akio personally test drove this car at several tracks, to demonstrate just how fun to drive it really is – even taking it snow drifting and dirt tracking!
Its lineage comes primarily from three Toyota models.
First, the Sports 800, with a front-mounted boxer engine in a rear-wheel drive.
Second, the 2000GT for its lowness to the ground, and long, sleek hood.
And third and most importantly, the Corolla GT-S, known by its true fans as the AE86 or“hachi-roku,” which means 8-6 in Japanese.
The AE86 was a moderately priced car that didn’t rely on brute horsepower.
Instead, it had a remarkable combination of a lightweight design, responsive power and perfect balance.
It has inspired the FR-S so much that each car wears unique badging on its front fenders, depicting its “86” heritage along with the evolution of its new boxer engine.
The flat architecture of the engine gives it a low centre of gravity, mirroring some exotic supercars.
With its style, performance, authenticity and originality, the FR-S fits perfectly with the passion Scion is all about!
For many, the FR-S is the definition of the perfect daily driver and weekend warrior.
Its 2-plus-2 seating configuration with a fold-flat cargo area is large enough to transport a full set of race tires for a fun day at the track.
In Canada, it’s arriving just in time for the summer driving season.
The FR-S is a legit sports car – a car that is awesome to drive, a car that is light and nimble, a car that is sleek and sporty, and a car that is exciting and affordable.
The FR-S is exactly what the industry has been missing, and exactly what driving enthusiasts have been asking for.
It puts the sport back into the car, offering a pure driving experience – both on the road and on the track.
I’d like to present to you Scion’s interpretation of heart-pumping, adrenaline racing Waku doki – from Scion to you –
Take a look….
Now please welcome back to the stage, iLuminate.

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