2012 CIAS Seiji Ichii and Tony Wearing Speaking Remarks

Wow – that was amazing!
Thank you, iLuminate !
You are the outward expression of what we're feeling at Toyota -- energized !
I’d like to thank Yoshi for his insightful remarks.
As he explained, there is much to be excited about in 2012.
Certainly, this is one of the most exciting times of my career.
I have been on the job for a little more than one month.
In that time, we achieved our best January ever with a record 10,660 sales.
Thank you, Canada, for this warm welcome.
Now -- my job is to keep this streak going.
The good news is that the momentum will build as we offer the most competitively priced new vehicles in our history – each offering premium quality and performancewithout thepremium price.
We’ll be rolling out 18 new and refreshed models from ToyotaLexus and Scion.
That’s one vehicle launch every month between now and mid-2013.
And we’re taking a leadership position in our small car offering.
Between Toyota and Scion, we will have 10 different small car models in our showrooms this spring –
● more than GM,
● more than Ford,
● more than Honda, and
● more than Hyundai.
But its not just small cars – we offer Canadians a quality vehicle in every segment – so take a look at the new 2012 Camry – pricing is down while content is significantly improved.
It’s why Canadians have made the Camry number one in its segment for three straight months.
We are committed to making cars that are highly efficient and environmentally friendly, yet powerful, and fun-to-drive – like the Scion iQ, the world’s smallest four seater.
Lexus also forms a big part of our strategy – we’re introducing a new design and brand spirit, which starts with the launch of the new 2013 Lexus GS and is followed by a year-long product assault.
One lucky winner at the show will have the opportunity to drive home a new GS, and we expect to be flooded with ballots!
The accolades our vehicles receive are a testament to the superior quality they deliver, including a range of JD Power awards. We also have a large collection of awards for retained value.
Just yesterday, we received 2012 Canadian Black Book Awards for five of our Toyota models across various categories, and two Black Book awards for Lexus.
ALG also recognized the excellence of our vehicles with their Canadian awards, that are solely focused on vehicles in our market.
If you add our three Canadian vehicle awards with the ALG U.S. awards we won, it totals to six in North America.
All our vehicle models are leaders in safety.
We offer a suite of 6 safety features – we call it the Star Safety system.
And with 15 safety awards from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, we have received more top safety picks than ANY other manufacturer.
I can tell you that iLuminate are not the only people here who know how to deliver a performance that’s electric.
Toyota is committed to bringing performance to electric cars.
Our focus on hybrid technology is constant.
We have long been the industry leader in road-proven hybrid technology, with more than three million hybrids sold worldwide.
And we will continue to focus on a reduced environmental footprint with vehicles and technologies that are smart and adaptable to drivers.
Canadians are thinking of the future, and when they think future vehicles, they think hybrid.
When they think hybrid, they think Prius.
Today is a momentous day – as big as the day a decade ago when we launched the originalPrius.
Today we launch... the Prius family!
Tony Wearing:
Good morning everyone.
Let’s get right down to business.
First on stage is the new Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle.
It offers the shortest charge time of any plug-in vehicle on the market.
It delivers about 25 kilometres of all-electric drive between charges – and offers the security of full-hybrid drive.
I'd like you to please welcome Vinh and Peter.
These two Toyota Canada associates are the recent winners of the Canadian Green Rallyin Montreal.
They achieved a record finish time in the Prius Plug-In Hybrid and they will go on to represent Canada in the famous Monte Carlo New Energies Rally.
Prius has become an icon for green mobility.
Just this morning the Prius v was awarded the ecoENERGY award – it is one of Canada’s most fuel efficient leaders and continues the tradition of a Prius winning an ecoENERGY award for each year since it was launched in the market.
On sale since last fall, v stands for versatile.
It offers more cargo space than 80% of the small SUVs on the market – truly fitting the lifestyle of young, active families.
Our next family member is the new 2012 Prius Lift back.
With an updated look and more features, it is being offered at its lowest MSRP in its iconic history. Starting at $25,995 the Prius is $1,800 less than the 2011 model it replaces while offering more standard features.
And now it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the newest member of the family… the smallest Prius yet – the new Prius c.
“C” stands for city.
It’s designed to maneuver the cityscape… with nimble handling and responsive steering.
When the Prius c goes on sale next month, it will be the most fuel efficient vehicle in the market without a plug, and with an MSRP of $20,950, it will also be the lowest priced hybrid in the market.
The Prius c offers unmatched combined fuel efficiency -- 3.7 litres per 100 kilometres.
We adapted our Hybrid Synergy Drive to this smaller platform – with each of the system’s major components re-designed – to reduce weight and improve efficiency.
The c’s body structure uses lightweight, high-strength steel to help reduce vehicle mass – and improve fuel economy.
Nine airbags and Toyota’s comprehensive Star Safety System are standard.
And the c will be offered in three trim levels – with generous standard equipment and premium technology options.
The Prius c is sized, priced, styled and packaged to appeal to young buyers.
And today as a bit of a teaser, we offer you a glimpse of the RAV 4 EV, which will be theonly all-electric SUV on the market.
It has all the style, cargo capacity and performance of the RAV4.
It’s powered by a high performance Tesla drive system and on average – a driving range of over 160 kilometres between charges.
Not only does the RAV4 EV offer a phenomenal powertrain, it is being built by Toyota right here in Ontario, just down the highway in Woodstock, and is Toyota’s first electric vehicle built in North America.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Brian Krinnock, President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, leading the team in Woodstock that is building the RAV4 EV.
In closing, all of us at Toyota are excited because we’re in a strong position as we look ahead to 2012 and beyond.
We’re committed to a broad strategy of sustainable mobility that incorporates:
● products,
● partnerships,
● the urban environment
● and energy.
We hope we’ve shown you how our newest vehicles set the industry standard in
● fuel-efficiency,
● environmental- friendliness,
● and affordability.
Now ‑- we have a special treat, that will drive up the temperature in our booth.

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