Have a happy – and safe – Canada Day holiday traveling with your Brain on Board

Before embarking on your long weekend road trip, visit www.brainonboard.ca 

TORONTO, ON., (June 27, 2013) – With the Canada Day holiday and the start of summer vacation, this long weekend is one of the busiest of the year on Canada’s highways.
For many families, it’s a frantic scramble to get the car packed and get to their destination as quickly as possible. With thoughts focused on the campground and the beach, it’s easy to overlook the most important part of the journey – getting there safely.
To promote vehicle safety and safe driving techniques, the Toyota Canada Foundation and the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) have teamed up to create Brain on Board. It’s a fast, convenient way to refresh your memory on all the key safety messages and tips you should be aware of prior to hitting the road. All you have to do is visit www.brainonboard.caand at your fingertips is a range of easy-to-use tools and information to make you a safer driver.
“Knowledge is as important as technology when it comes to safe driving,” said Sandy Di Felice, Director, Toyota Canada Inc. “Technology is just one half of the safety equation, driving behaviours are just as critical and Brain on Board empower both.”
The Brain on Board website includes plain-language descriptions of active and passive safety features, driver assistance technology, and safety technology in development. In addition, there’s essential information about speeding, distracted driving, fatigue and drowsiness, and drinking and driving. There’s even a section on common myths and misconceptions about safety features and driving behaviour.
“As Canadians, we all have a collective responsibility to make our roads as safe as possible and there’s no better time than Canada Day to remind ourselves of that,” said Robyn Robertson, TIRF President and CEO. “Let’s all have a wonderful holiday to celebrate this great country, but we need to make sure we do so safely. We urge all drivers to visit brainonboard.ca before heading out on our roads and highways.”
About the Toyota Canada Foundation
The Toyota Canada Foundation is a national not-for-profit, private charitable foundation, with a long-standing commitment to the Environment, Education and Safety. The Foundation supports charitable and non-profit organizations dedicated to good work in these areas.  
About TIRF
Established in 1964, TIRF’s mission is to reduce traffic-related deaths and injuries. As a national, independent, charitable road safety research institute, TIRF designs, promotes, and implements effective programs and policies, based on sound research. TIRF is a registered charity and depends on grants, awards, and donations to provide services for the public. Visit us online at www.tirf.ca.

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