TORONTO, ON., September 20, 2013 – Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) has announced that in continuing efforts to assure customer satisfaction, it has offered to replace trunk lid torsion bars (trunk springs) in approximately 145,000 Corolla vehicles model years 2009 to late 2010 through a Special Policy Adjustment (SPA) that will extend the New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage on the trunk lid torsion bars of affected vehicles. Owners of vehicles that are subject to the warranty extension have received a notification by mail.
Although the operation and performance of the trunk lid is evident from first use and does not change over time, under certain conditions, the trunk lid may begin to close after opening. For example, if the lid is operated while it is not fully opened or in certain windy conditions, while the vehicle is parked on an incline, or with a heavy load on the trunk lid (such as snow and ice or an aftermarket accessory such as a spoiler). This could cause the owner to interact with the trunk lid and, in limited instances, result in a minor injury. 
Toyota is offering to replace one or both of the torsion bar(s) in the affected vehicles (depending on whether the vehicle is equipped with a Toyota spoiler that was installed in the factory by the manufacturer).
The warranty extension is offered for a period of 6 years with no mileage limitation from the vehicle’s in-service date and applies to the trunk lid torsion bars.
Information is available to customers at or the Toyota Customer Interaction Center at 1-888-TOYOTA-8 (1888-869-6828).

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