TORONTO, Ontario, (May 22, 2014) – Toyota Canada Inc. plans to conduct a voluntary recall of approximately 4,000 Model Year 2014 Toyota Highlander and Highlander HV vehicles.
The involved vehicle is equipped with a selectable force limiter feature. This feature is designed to help reduce pressure on the occupant’s chest by determining the appropriate load applied by the seatbelt during a crash based on detection of the occupant’s size by the Occupant Classification System (OCS). Due to improper software installed in the airbag electronic control unit (ECU) for operation of the force limiter, the “low” load of the force limiter is selected regardless of the occupant size. The “low” setting is intended for a small occupant such as a 5th percentile female. In this condition, an occupant detected as a larger occupant by the OCS will not be restrained with the intended “high” belt restraining force setting. This affects the compliance margin which may result in a HIC value exceeding the requirement specified in CMVSS No. 208 in a small number of vehicles. Under some conditions, this could increase the risk of an injury to an occupant in the event of a crash.
For all involved vehicles, Toyota dealerships will update the software in the airbag electronic control unit. Toyota is not aware of any accidents, injuries or fatalities.
Information is available to customers at 1 888-TOYOTA-8 (1-888-869-6828).


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