Partner Robots – Your friends for life

When Toyota engineers looked at how robots were used to manufacture cars, they had an idea: how could this technology be adapted to help people in their daily lives? The result: the Partner Robot family, robots capable of everything from helping people walk, to performing household chores.

Meet Toyota’s Partner Robots:

  • Humanoid, the most human-like robot in design and appearance, moves its whole body, walks like a human, uses tools, and can even play the trumpet and violin. In the future, families may welcome Humanoid into their homes to help with housework and other delicate tasks.
  • Human Support Robot (HSR) enables more independent living for persons with limited arm or leg mobility, providing assistance in everyday activities such as retrieving objects, opening curtains and other household tasks.
  • Walk Assist robot, designed for individuals who have lost the use of one leg, attaches to the impacted limb to enable walking, climbing and descending stairs, sitting down and getting up.

Others in the Toyota robot family are designed to help caregivers and medical professionals:  the Care Assist robot helps with lifting and moving patients, while Robina, who talks, can carry and use objects, plus perform housework, can help doctors and nurses with medical and nursing care.

With creativity and innovation, today’s industrial technology has been transformed into the Partner Robot family. One day soon we may all be inviting a robot into our homes for some additional support.

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