Toyota Mirai

New fuel cell sedan means the eco-friendly future of mobility has arrived

For the second time in a generation, Toyota has re-imagined the future of mobility. First it was the Prius with hybrid technology. Now the game has changed again with the Toyota Mirai and its fuel cell technology.     

The Mirai is a four-door, mid-size sedan that uses no gasoline and emits only water vapour, while boasting performance that can compete fully with traditional internal combustion engines, takes only five minutes to refuel, and can travel up to 483 kilometres on a full tank. It has been subjected to more than a million miles of road testing. That includes in extreme conditions such as the cold of Yellowknife and the altitude of the Rocky Mountains. And the Mirai has undergone rigorous crash testing as well to affirm its exceptional safety.

Mirai – which means “future” in Japanese – operates much like traditional vehicle. But instead of a large drive battery, it has a fuel stack that combines hydrogen with oxygen, which produces electricity to power a motor. The vehicle can even be used as a mobile generator in case of emergency – able to meet the power needs of an average house for up to a week, while emitting only water. 


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