Toyota FT-1 concept represents the ultimate expression of a Toyota coupe design

With FT standing for “Future Toyota,” this concept car was two years in the making by Toyota’s Calty Design Research team.

The FT-1 is an aggressive, track-focused sports car concept guided by the Toyota design ethos of “Vibrant Clarity” – a unique fusion of both emotional and rational factors. As a spiritual pace car for Toyota Global Design, the FT-1 reflects an ideological shift, signaling the arrival of exciting products from Toyota that connect much more emotionally with consumers – vehicles that are good-looking, good-handling, and downright inspiring to drive. 

Building on Toyota’s rich sports coupe heritage, the FT-1 has a “function-sculpted” design language that yields curved, muscular, expressive body forms. It seems that the entire vehicle has been stunningly shaped by the wind.

A front engine rear-wheel drive configuration helps create classic sports car proportions to be expected from a vehicle poised to dominate even the most challenging road course.

The interior ignites heart-racing adrenaline for the driver, with the chance to grip an F1-inspired steering-wheel while sitting within an intimate, low-slung cockpit designed to heighten the senses. 

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