Toyota i-Road concept vehicle bridges the divide between the motorcycle and the car

Toyota is focused on introducing creative solutions that will redefine personal mobility – concepts that are environmentally friendly while also sparking the imagination with great excitement.

The Toyota i-Road is an excellent example of this. As the ultimate fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive small urban vehicle, it’s a unique three-wheeler that combines motorcycle-like styling and maneuverability with car-like protection and comfort. It’s practical, safe and handles beautifully.

The i-Road, which has seating for two in tandem, offers an enjoyable and novel riding experience through an exhilarating and responsive “active-lean” system. This innovation ensures a stable ride and provides an unprecedented feeling of oneness with the vehicle that is very different from driving a car or motorcycle.

With a closed cabin, passengers can proceed to their destination helmet-free and shielded from the weather outside, while having the chance to listen to music.

Because it has a length of only 850 millimetres, the ultra-compact i-Road overcomes traditional urban obstacles. It can be driven smoothly along roadsides, leaving lanes open for other traffic. And it only takes up three-quarters to one-half of a conventional parking space.

The i-Road is powered by electricity with a driving range of about 50 kilometres on a single charge, produces zero emissions during operation, and features a quiet ride. It has already been trialed on public roads in Toyota City in Japan, where it has been integrated with Toyota's sophisticated urban traffic system technology that links vehicles to road infrastructure.

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