The Lexus RC F GT3 concept race car signals Lexus’ intent to enter the 2015 GT3 race circuit.

Developed and built in Japan over three years, the GT3 is a concept race car based on the spectacular new RC F coupe, the most powerful V8 performance car Lexus has ever developed and the largest vehicle Lexus has ever offered with an “F” badge. With a modified version of the RC F’s 5.0-litre V8 engine, the GT3 delivers output exceeding 540 horsepower.

Exemplifying “Amazing in Motion” by being engineered to thrill both visually and via uncompromising performance, the RC F GT3 is poised to have a major impact on the development of future Lexus vehicles. By participating in such a high level of racing, the lessons learned and advances made will lead to future enhancements on other Lexus F-brand products.

The GT3 has a length of 4,705 mm, width of 2,000 mm, height of 1,270 mm and wheelbase of 2,730 mm – making it lower than the standard the RC F. However, with the interior stripped to racing specification, it weighs just 1,250 kg.