Toyota Sienna Rampvan new for 2007; Sienna becomes the first Toyota ready from the dealer for a Lift-Up™ Power Mobility Seat installation

Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) today announced two initiatives to help Canadians with special mobility needs enjoy the freedom of personal transportation.

Canadians can now order a Rampvan conversion by The Braun Corporation for the Toyota Sienna 3.5 litre minivan with power rear hatch. Toyota and Braun have worked together to reduce the cost and time required to perform this conversion.

Meantime, Toyota and Bruno Independent Living Aids have worked together to improve how customers retrofit the Sienna with Bruno's Lift-Up™ Power Mobility Seat. Now, customers can have a Bruno dealer install this seat in their brand new Sienna immediately after they take possession of the minivan from their Toyota dealer.

"Toyota's goal is to help people enjoy the social and economic benefits of personal mobility. But some people need special equipment to be able to fully realize the benefits of the automobile," said Stephen Beatty, Managing Director of Toyota Canada Inc. "As this country's population ages, we anticipate more Canadians will be able to benefit from mobility equipment. Therefore, Toyota has made it easier than ever before for people to enjoy the convenience of these popular features."
New for 2007, the Sienna Rampvan features a power sliding door, a kneeling system to lower the rear of the vehicle, and a ramp that automatically extends and retracts. These features combine to make it easy for those in wheelchairs to enter or leave the vehicle. The Sienna Rampvan also features a lowered floor and removable front driver and passenger seats to enable those with special mobility needs to ride up front, or drive, the vehicle.

Toyota Canada and Braun worked together to create a Sienna Rampvan edition that minimizes the amount of work Braun needs to perform to convert the Sienna. In addition, the Sienna to be modified is now shipped directly to Braun from Toyota's Sienna assembly plant, saving time and transportation costs. The Braun Corporation lists authorized Canadian dealers on its web site:

The Lift-Up™ Power Mobility Seat - a popular option exclusive to the Toyota Sienna minivan - is a fully-powered unit with remote control, and can be installed in the mid-right passenger position. In operation, the seat turns to the right, slides out of the vehicle, and lowers to the user's desired level.
The Lift-Up™ Power Mobility Seat has been available in Canada for installation on pre-owned Sienna minivans for about two years. But a new, closer partnership between Toyota Canada and Bruno now means that Toyota customers can take possession of their brand new Sienna at the dealership and immediately pass it to a Bruno authorized dealer for seat installation. The new Lift-Up™ Power Mobility Seat uses the factory-installed Toyota seat, making it look and feel the same as the other seats in the Sienna.

Customers who order a new Sienna and want this mobility option should contact a Bruno authorized dealer to arrange installation. A list of Canadian Bruno dealers is available online at

Both the Rampvan and the Lift-Up™ Power Mobility Seat qualify for the Toyota Canada Mobility Program, which provides a reimbursement of up to $1,000 of the cost to the vehicle owner for aftermarket adaptive equipment for drivers and/or passengers, when installed on any eligible Toyota vehicle.

The Toyota Canada Mobility Program helps Canadians with special mobility needs in several ways. The program helps Toyota identify adaptive equipment that can be installed on Toyota vehicles. It helps Canadians pay for the purchase and installation of this equipment and any vehicle modifications necessary. And it helps Toyota Canada identify other opportunities to help Canadians with special mobility needs - such as the Toyota Canada Motor Skills Clinic, which opened in October, 2006 at Providence Healthcare in Toronto.

"Through the Toyota Canada Mobility Program, Toyota Canada and its partners have worked together to provide new options for those who need adaptive equipment, such as the Toyota Sienna Rampvan. Our program has also made it easier for Canadians to obtain this important equipment, such as the Lift-Up™ Power Mobility Seat," Mr. Beatty continued. "Our Toyota Canada Mobility Program is another example of how we at Toyota strive to make things better for all Canadians."
Details of the Toyota Canada Mobility Program can be found online at


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