Canadians can look to Toyota for best-in-class fuel-efficiency: Yaris and Prius named 2010 ecoENERGY award winners

With 10th straight win for Prius and 5th for Yaris, Toyota continues to deliver “more power, less fuel” for Canadian drivers
(TORONTO) – The innovative Toyota Prius hybrid and fun, urban-friendly Toyota Yaris are the best in their class for fuel efficiency – something they have done each year since the respective models were introduced to Canadians. Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency today confirmed that these two Toyota models continue to set the benchmark for fuel efficiency in their categories, while satisfying Canadians’ needs for a “more power, less fuel” driving experience.
Toyota Prius – most fuel efficient midsize
The Toyota Prius has won the ecoENERGY award each year since it was introduced in the 2001 model year. With a combined city/highway rating of just 3.8L / 100 km, the Toyota Prius is the most fuel-efficient mass-produced vehicle on the road today. The 2010 Prius – the third generation of the best-selling hybrid on the planet – is the product of more than 1,000 new patents, and is packed with innovative features that deliver even greater efficiency, versatility, safety, drivability, power and performance. The 2010 Toyota Prius uses 61% less fuel than the average 2010 midsize vehicle.  That translates into about 1,180 L less fuel in 1 year, which will save Prius drivers around $1,180 and help them avoid 2.7 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.*
Toyota Yaris – most fuel efficient subcompact
The Toyota Yaris has owned the category since the model was introduced to Canada in the 2006 model year. Filled with attitude and energetic performance, the subcompact Toyota Yaris is a perennial favourite with Canadian drivers. And with a combined city/highway fuel efficiency of just 6.3L / 100 km, the 2010 Toyota Yaris with a manual transmission is theecoENERGY award winner in the popular sub-compact category for the fifth straight year. The 2010 Toyota Yaris uses 36% less fuel than the average 2010 subcompact vehicle.  That translates into about 700 L less fuel in 1 year, which will save Yaris drivers around $700 and help them avoid 1.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.*
“Canadian drivers want fun and versatile vehicles that deliver more power, less fuel and no compromise, and the Toyota Prius and Toyota Yaris are two vehicles that have repeatedly demonstrated their abilities to do just that,” noted Stephen Beatty, Managing Director at Toyota Canada Inc. “When Canadian drivers shop for a new vehicle, they rely on information like the ecoENERGY fuel efficiency ratings to make smart choices. Canadians can be assured that with Prius and Yaris, they will spend less time and money at the gas pumps.”
* Based on available 2010 Fuel Consumption Guide data. Comparisons against respective class (Prius: Midsize (108 models), Yaris: Subcompact (123 models)). Based on combined fuel consumption, 20,000km driving, and $1/L fuel pricing.

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