“Popping the trunk” just got cooler.

At Toyota, we’re always coming up with ideas for new models. And we make a point to go out and actually hear from consumers about what they want and need from their car, not just hope we’re giving people what they want.

During one of these excursions, one of our product planners visited a supermarket parking lot and noticed a lot of women who, after packing groceries in the back of their car, struggled to reach the lift gate on their SUVs. Some of them even had to resort to climbing on the bumper to close the lift gate.  We like fun and challenges as much as the next company, but we don’t think that closing your lift gate should become a climbing adventure.

We knew there had to be a better way. The experience inspired the product planner to develop height memory for vehicles, so customers can adjust the lift gate so that it opens to the height that suits them best. And now, the innovation is available on the 2013 Toyota RAV4.

We also plan to bring similar technology to future Highlanders, Siennas and Venzas.

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